What is Urban Exploration?

-Urban exploration is a kind of photography where images are made in and around abandoned buildings and sites.


Is it legal?

-No, it's not. Because many of the properties are stolen, photographers are often seen as thieves.

But the only thing the photographers take home are the pictures and the only thing they leave behind are footprints.


What buildings are being photographed?

-Actually it can be anything. For example, hospitals, monasteries, factories or military sites.


Is it dangerous?

-Yes it could by dangerous.

It could be that there are toxic substances on a location as asbestos or other toxic substances.

In many houses are holes in the floors.
You can fall also through the floor if it is not solid enough. But that is only one of many hazards.If you go to a urbex location...WATCH OUT and beware of the danger.


What should i do before I leave?

1.Tell your friends or family the exact location you gonna visit. Call with the friends or familymember when you arrived at the location.Call the them every 1 or 2 hour to make sure that you are ok.

2.It's better to go not alone but go with another person or better is with three persons.In case of emergency one person can stay with the victim while the third person is getting help.

3.Check your equipment.Are the batteries fully loaded? Enough fuel in your car.


What should I take with me when I go to a urbex location?

1.Offcourse your camera with lenses.

2.A spare battery,a remote controle and a your tripod.

3.A full loaded mobile phone to call for help in case of emergency.Check the emergency-number of the country you gonna visit.

4.A flashlight,gloves,a multi-tool and a old doorhandle...your not the first one who get closed in if there is no doorhandle in the door.

5.Put on dark solid clothes and solid boots and spare clothes is also no luxery. The urbex locations are mostly dirty and wet.

6.A first-aid kit.


When I am at the location?

1.Watch out for floorparts and stairways who not solid and for holes in the floor.

2. Don't touch anything...!

3.Watch your head and look around for pieces which can hurt you.

4.Stay together and make sure youre not alone.

5.Take your time...its better to come home safe then not coming home at all.

6.If you on a location and you dont get in,never break in to the building. You are a photographer,not a burglar.

7.Be quiet, by any sound you can be discovered.


Never go on urbex-tour if you are under the influence of drugs,medicine or alcohol!

Never carry a gun on a expedition!

We wish you very good pictures and a safe trip!

We are never liable for accidents leading to injury or even death!